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Join Swami Pragyamurti in a one day workshop at the SYC Cape Town. For articles, subscriptions, archived info and links to Satyananda Yoga Worldwide, check out this great website. This web site is dedicated to the upliftment of humanity through Seva Yoga (The yoga of Selfless Service). It is a resource to help inspire those walking this path as well as a platform for those wanted to get involved in Service around the African continent. Experience the full depth of experience that yoga classes taught by a master can give you. Swami Pragyamurti will be teaching five 2 hour long classes over this week. These classes were very popular last year and are expected to fill up so please book early!

Explore the stages of meditation according to the yoga sutras. The retreat will give one a good idea of the why and how to meditate through direct experience. Swami Pragyamurti has a wealth of experience on this subject and is an excellent teacher of meditation practice. Please note space is limited on all the programmes so please book early to ensure your place. More and more people are being exposed to this style of yoga every day. This page attempts to list all the schools and centres involved in propagating the Satyananda Yoga Tradition in South Africa.

Swami Niranjanananda is working hard to standardize the teachings worldwide. Soon the system will become standardized in South Africa as well. All the schools and centres are working towards this recognition. It is said that for the person who has mastered truth, anything they say will come to pass. Truth is one of the fundamental principles of yoga. In wrestling with the idea of it, I began to notice that being true to myself is one of the fastest roads out of suffering and unhappiness. Facing truth brought me face to face with a current realization which is I have fears, anxieties, cowardly behavior, and other neurosis that are firmly embedded habits of behavior. It is from here that most of my action is motivated, keeping me safely stuck in this predicament of conditioned life.

Even the behaviors that appear positive often have a fear based or egotistical motivation rather than a genuine basis of truth. You would think that once you realize this it would be easy to cast off all this conditioned behavior and live more truthfully but those habits die hard. It requires a fairly constant awareness about what you are feeling and experiencing moment to moment, and the courage to act, think and live according to what you intuitively believe to be true in that moment, rather than taking the easy way of the habit pattern. When you act according to truth, which is to break the conditioned behavior, the quality of the moment changes and life seems to become more alive and vital. This is what you are meant to do!’ We will continue to collect any used clothing, blankets, and canned foods for the refugees. You are welcome to drop off any of these items at the centre.

Benefits of yoga in daily life

Yoga is a healthy practice for the wellbeing of both your body and your mind. Very often, this activity is mistaken for a workout routine, but it is more than a series of exercises and poses. Yoga is a healing therapy with a wide range of benefits for its practitioners. The good thing about it is that you can engage in it alone or in a special class, surrounded by friends and escorts like those from http://www.eros.com/. Regardless of the setting you choose, this remedial treatment is bound to improve your lifestyle. Here are just a few of the main benefits you obtain by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Get fit without working out

We all dream of having the perfect body. Staying fit is essential, especially if your escort job is depending on it. Sometimes we undergo exclusive diets or tiring workout routines with very few visible results. Yoga helps you achieve a remarkable level of fitness, without severely altering your lifestyle. This holistic practice improves your physical strength only through slow-paced body movements and breathing exercises.

Yoga helps you lose weight

By constantly practicing yoga you ensure a gradual detoxification of your body. Just a few minutes spent daily on the exercise mat can get rid of the extra fat around your waistline. Escorts from EROS are known to include at least a session of training per day. This helps them maintain a slim figure without actually going to the gym. These beautiful women need to look their best at all times and a holistic approach to body shaping is often their best alternative.

Add inner peace to your life

Everybody strives to find the perfect balance in their lives and achieve a high level of serenity. Yoga offers a getaway option from your daily routine and a ticket to peacefulness. A short 30-minute session per day can help you regain your inner balance and find that much-needed peace of mind. Practicing this with your escort strengthens both your composure and the relationship with your partner.

Reduce daily stress

A busy lifestyle can often destroy your inner peace and make you feel insecure or anxious. Stress is currently one of the biggest threats to your health and an ever-present social destabilizer. Yoga acts as a stress relief from the very first session. Actually, you can increase your mental wellbeing only through meditation and breathing exercises. Join a class for beginners together with your escorts and enjoy the benefits provided by this holistic therapy.

Better relationships

Yoga is a great way to improve your relationship with your friends, family, escorts and loved ones. This therapy relaxes your mind and helps you see things clearly. A happy vision of life prevents you from entering unnecessary conflicts or continuing a toxic relationship with somebody. Yoga keeps you balanced and increases your empathy. Practice it daily to add positivity to all your social connections!

Obtain spiritual benefits

One of the main benefits that you can gain from practicing yoga is spiritual awareness. Through this holistic therapy you obtain a better understanding of yourself, the world and how you are linked to everyone around you. Think of this practice as a spiritual escort that guides you to a higher plane of existence and mental tranquility.


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